Improving Operations and Service in the Transportation Industry

Coral partnered with one of the world’s largest transportation companies to improve and enhance their operational performance.

Utilizing our Gap Analysis tool, commonly used in our venture capital practice, the Coral Group analyzed more than 800 financial and operating parameters for the leading players in the industry. Our conclusion? Old technologies were impacting operational and financial performance, and increasing the capital intensity of maintaining the company’s infrastructure.

Innovation to the rescue. We developed an integrated solution by adopting best-of-breed products to replace the legacy infrastructure technologies. In addition, Coral helped solve the scaling challenge by conceiving and developing a unique robotic system to efficiently and automatically deploy the new infrastructure technologies.

To help in the transition from old to new, we created a local system integrator to act as subcontractor to our partner, to consolidate technologies, products, robots, best practices and related know-how all under one roof.

This Coral Group solution addressed a multi-billion dollar challenge in a single account — and mobilized unique technologies to improve operations and service. This solution is translatable — and highly relevant — to many industries around the globe.

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