Maurizio Rossi

Maurizio is the third generation of entrepreneurs from a family involved over decades in different industries including luxury, media & publishing, sporting goods, and startup investments. 

He actively contributed to growing the family business and served as Vice President and board member for over 10 years.  In 2002 the business expanded with the acquisition of a luxury footwear company by conglomerate LVMH and other business arms during the following two years.

In 2005, he co-founded H-FARM to pioneer the startup industry in Italy and Europe, and assumed the position of Founder & Co-CEO, after incubating and investing in over 130 companies.  In 2015 H-FARM went public to further develop its model in education and corporate transformation, building a $100 million campus with 51 hectares of parkland for 3,000 people including students, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

He is also an executive member of the Vatican Art & Technology Council, chaired by Arianna Huffington and a select group of worldwide senior technologists and art experts, and a member of the Kellogg Innovation Network – the KIN, a worldwide innovators community related to the Northwestern Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.